The manager of the Village Market, Charlie, said we could use their wifi, so that our folks can enter credit card information over their phones or ipads. Their wifi is named "Village Market Guest," and the password is "guest." Mike is putting the step-by-step instructions (from Penny) on how to enter the credit card information on a one-sheet in out duck box, which will be in the manager's office, as usual. 

As reminder the location of the duck box is in the manager office as mentioned above.  Our green card table is there too and a folding chair, will be upfront in the store to the left of the sliding doors. When you finish your shift, Please put your tally sheet with all duck papers and checks/cash in one of the zippered bank bags and turn into a village market employee to put in their safe.

Mike has placed instructions in the box on how to access the page on the website to upload credit card information directly into the site.  Please read before starting sales.

Linda has arranged for data input into the new duck database.  We will collect weekly for data entry.  It would be helpful to email Mike to let him know you finished your shift.

The link to our page on is (yes it’s long and I will be looking to see if we can set up a bit-ly address to shorten it.  Use this for now. Instructions on accessing the fund raising part are in the duck sales box.