Posted by Robin Litt

IMPACT by Edwards Rotary Club

Edwards Rotary Club has launched our service-focused companion club called IMPACT.

IMPACT is a “service only” option of Rotary, without a commitment to traditional meetings. Members participate in group and individual service projects for the community and are part of an international network of Rotarians.

With reduced dues and no meeting requirements, it’s a great way for for individuals like you or businesses to engage their team members and participate with like-minded people giving back to our community.


Why should I become an Impact Club member?

  • Participate in community service projects every month - or when you can (no quotas or minimum attendance)
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Give back to our amazing community
  • Be part of something larger than yourself

What are the dues?

Dues are just $60 per quarter. Your dues include Rotary International and District dues and attendance at one Edwards Rotary Club breakfast or social per year. Dues can be paid quarterly or annually.

Can I participate in Edwards Rotary Club activities?

Yes! IMPACT members can attend all free Edwards Club activities. Your membership includes one meeting annually at no extra cost. Come as much as you want and pay as you go for additional breakfast meetings ($20) and evening socials ($25).


Fill out our application at

IMPACT is for those who:

  • Can't attend or aren't interested in attending weekly meetings. Impact doesn't have standing meetings.
  • Are more interested in service projects. IMPACT’s focus is on volunteering.
  • Want a more affordable option. Impact dues are $60/quarter. 
  • Want a way to connect with others in the community.
  • Want to have fun and give back.

If you have any questions, reach out!

Robin Litt (970) 471-0021

We invite you to be a part of the group. Our welcome party will take place on April 17th and we are planning at least one service project each month.

Our first service project took place on March 19th at the Community Market. 
May 4th - Community Pride Highway Cleanup. Details coming soon! Sign up here!
June 22nd - Habitat Build Day. Details coming soon! Sign up here!